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Registering companies

Registering and reorganizing companies

ALVA PRIVACY experts render services related to the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in Kyiv and reorganization of enterprises, drafting and amending constituent documents (articles of associations and regulations), and comprehensive legal support of all registration procedures.

Registration of enterprises and entrepreneurs (registration of individual entrepreneurs, firms, entities engaged in entrepreneurial activities) is a demanded service requiring considerable time expenditures to carry out all registration procedures and formalities, which a businessman who, in particular, just starts up his or her business is usually lacking. Alternatively, you may use such a service as the registration of an enterprise or registration of an individual entrepreneur, which does not cost too much, as registration procedures are simplified in Ukraine and, accordingly, the cost of such services is reduced significantly and is now affordable to the general public.

Having applied to lawyers of ALVA PRIVACY, you will have full-range consultations rendered by our experts at a fair price on all registration issues, including those related to the selection of business forms and specifics of state registration, registration of any business entities with state authorities. Such experts will carry out the state registration and ensure that necessary procedures are carried out in state fiscal authorities (tax inspectorates), order the making of a seal, give necessary legal support to open a current (settlement) account with a bank, ensure that share purchase (assignment) agreements are drafted and executed, and will provide other related legal services.

Should you intend to request ALVA PRIVACY to register for you an enterprise or entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur), you first need to decide what organizational and legal form you will need to conduct your business.

If you want to incorporate a legal entity to deal with all of your problems, we would suggest you using our service relating to the state registration of a limited liability company (LLC) or private enterprise (PE) as the most legally flexible, simple and demanded organizational forms of business.

If you need to register a joint stock company or cooperative or set up a branch or representative office of a legal entity or to carry out any registration procedures involving other organizational forms of business, replace the director or persons who are members of the other managing bodies, amend the charter or other constituent documents, change types (codes) of economic activities (according to the Classifier of Economic Activities), elect or change the taxation system in Ukraine, please do not hesitate to contact ALVA PRIVACY and our experts will fix everything for you.

If you decide to be registered as a private entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur), ALVA PRIVACY lawyers will promptly arrange for your state registration with the state registrar and you will be recorded in bodies of state statistics, state fiscal (tax) service. We will help you to select necessary types of economic activities (according to the Classifier of Economic Activities), elect and change a taxation system, order and make seals, open current accounts with banks.

Moreover, ALVA PRIVACY experts will confirm that the information (required by the laws) regarding the legal entity is available in the Uniform State Register as soon as reasonable practicable and at fair price and obtain for you any necessary extracts, experts and certificates from the state registrar.

Should you have any questions regarding registration of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, please feel free to contact us by the email addresses or phone numbers you may find in ALVA PRIVACY's contacts details.

Truly yours, ALVA PRIVACY team

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