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Real estate lawyers

Purchasing and leasing real estate in Kyiv is a responsible step requiring thorough preparations.

No matter whether you dream of having a cozy home in a quite dormitory district or setting up a popular shopping center on vibrant metropolitan streets.

Important decisions should be made after detail consultations with a lawyer only. Timely recommendations from a professional will help to avoid troubles in future. In view of dear prices of real estate in Kyiv, the service of transaction support by a lawyer may spare you lots of money.

A real estate attorney from Alva Privacy will be the right hand in anticipated legal transactions involving real estate. A skilled lawyer will make you more confident in safe investment of your money and additionally assure that the transaction is reliable.

Everybody should know this before buying an apartment, house, or commercial property!

legal advice on real estate

Each year, a share of fraudulent transactions on the Kyiv real estate market grows by a third. The reason is that average citizens are not sufficiently literate in all details of the regulatory framework.

Many would certainly be astonished to know that the involvement of a notary does not guarantee that the transaction is safe. Unfortunately, they usually come to understand this too late.

Skillful real estate lawyers from Alva Privacy law firm guarantee your reliable legal protection against fraudulent schemes. A well-versed attorney will mitigate any risks related to the purchase or lease of an apartment, office, shopping premises.

Keep in mind that any legal troubles are better prevented than referred to courts later on.

How is real estate purchased with the active involvement of the firm attorney?

  • Our lawyer checks whether the seller has title to the property, examines supporting documentation, identifies ambiguities and reduces risks by amending the agreement accordingly.
  • The property sale and purchase agreement are made with the direct participation of the attorney.
  • The title registration is the final stage.

Real estate legal services offered by Alva Privacy:

Legal advice on real estate An experienced lawyer will point out to the details you should especially focus on. We explain key legislative rules and spare you from common mistakes upon entering into agreements. Naturally, we give exhaustive answers to any question related to the acquisition, sale or lease of real estate.
Reviewing and verifying documentation A real estate lawyer will scrutinize your sale and purchase agreement to identify any disputable legal details. Such attorney will check whether the seller holds the title. Attorney's assistance is the best way to avoid risks upon entering into an agreement.
Legal support for real estate transactions The real estate lawyer's services cover legal consultations, reviewing documentation, amending disputable or ambiguous wordings in the agreement, personal presentation at the time of making the agreement before a notary.
Representing clients in court A high-skilled attorney will ensure legal protection of your interests during litigations. ALVA PRIVACY guarantees that legal assistance is given at any stage of your case hearings in any court instances.

What real estate issues an Alva Privacy attorney will help to solve?

real estate investing

  • A legal advice on how to purchase, sell or lease an apartment, shopping premises, garage, office, store, or country house;
  • Profound review of documentation, drafting and amending a purchase agreement;
  • Disputes related to the alienation of real property;
  • Legalizing unauthorized construction;
  • Issues related to the execution of an investment agreement;
  • Representing clients in court;
  • Safe purchase of real estate in Kyiv and Kyiv Region;

An experienced attorney from Alva Privacy Law Firm will give legal protection with respect to any issue related to the purchase, sale or lease of commercial or residential property.

How to check title documents for the real estate? On what terms and conditions may an apartment be safely purchased in a newly built house? How to enter into an investment agreement? How to prove the title to the real property?

Just contact Alva Privacy! We guarantee that we will answer every and each question you may have!

Why our offer is so special?

ownership of real estate

  • Fair price. Our lawyers make at all times their best efforts to spare your resources by offering the simplest and most efficient ways to solve the problem. This means that the ultimate price of services rendered by our attorney in Kyiv will be satisfactory to each of our clients.
  • Impregnable honesty. We are always honest with you, and our recommendations rest on our long-standing experience. You will be at all times updated of the actual progress. In addition, our corporate lawyers make use of all their knowledge, professionalism and expertise to guarantee that all of your legitimate rights are respected.
  • Absolute confidence. Alva Privacy Law Firm strictly complies with the attorney-client privilege. It was, is and will be so.

Should you need consultation from a real estate lawyer in Kyiv, do not hesitate to contact us right now.

Trust in professionals! Make transactions light heartedly and have a peaceful sleep.

We are looking forward to your calls!


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