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Divorce Attorney in Kyiv, Ukraine

A divorce is a rather complicated process. The standard procedure can actually embody the myth of Sisyphus. And you will play the unenviable role of the poor man who has been trying for a long time and unsuccessfully to roll a huge stone to the top of a mountain.

A divorce also involves a lot of seemingly pointless work. For example, any application filled in inaccurately may increase the period of divorcement by months.

Of course, a dissolution of a marriage is accompanied by many individual subtleties.

However, if you need a divorce attorney, things are probably not going well for you. There is also good news: you will always find in Alva Privacy affordable and qualified legal aid.

A divorce lawyer from Alva Privacy will not glue a broken cup but will make sure that you are not injured by its fragments. You can count on both effective solutions and comprehensive legal services that include legal support throughout the process.

What legal issues can a divorce attorney help you solve?

dissolution of a marriage

  • Divorce with or without consent from one of the spouses;
  • Distribution of property;
  • Issues of child custody;
  • Payment of alimony;

Each of these items includes dozens of different life circumstances, for which not a single article will suffice. At the same time, it is enough to understand that Alva Privacy will help you to resolve any legal issues related to a divorce in Kyiv, Ukraine.

An experienced lawyer will make sure that the very stressful procedure works as quickly as possible, smoothly and with a positive result for you.

Legal assistance in a divorce case in Kyiv, Ukraine

Divorce lawyer consultation Our company’s key priority is to be frank and open with the client. Legal advice will help you look at the situation in the juridical field. You will learn what you can expect in a given situation and how long it will take. The consultation will also help you decide on the necessity and scope of further legal assistance.
Peaceful settlement of the conflict Divorce by mutual consent significantly speeds up the procedure. However, there are many nuances that can delay the process. To get a divorce without unpleasant surprises, you will need the legal assistance of a lawyer.
Representation in court A conflict of interests between spouses leads to a court hearing. Being assisted by a qualified lawyer in a divorce case in Kyiv, you will have the upcoming process greatly simplified. In some situations you do not even have to come to the courtroom if you have no desire to. A competent attorney specializing in divorce will represent you.

Why should you contact us in case of divorce?

divorce lawyer

  1. Attorney-client privilege. At Alva Privacy Law Firm, your personal information is closed from prying eyes as securely as secret intelligence encryption. Our law firm always adheres strictly to the confidentiality of clients.
  2. Narrow focus. Alva Privacy lawyers have extensive professional experience. They are very professional family lawyers who know how to achieve the desired result in practice.
  3. Reasonable price. Divorce lawyer services are paid. However, this is a very affordable investment that will save not only time but also nerves. In addition, in some cases, the financial benefit of legal assistance is much greater than the cost of the services of a divorce lawyer.

So, if you want the divorce process to go as smoothly as possible, just contact us in any way convenient for you.

Our lawyer is ready to start working on your divorce right now!

We are waiting for your calls and applications by mail.

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