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ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm is incorporated and operates under provisions (rules) of the Ukrainian Law on the Bar and Practice of Law.

ALVA PRIVACY offers its legal services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine and invites for continuous cooperation all and any business entities who need legal aid to support their business on a regular basis or from time to time.

Highly qualified lawyers and attorneys at law employed by ALVA PRIVACY usually give legal advice and explanations in various fields of law and render legal services related to the preparation of (draft) documents of legal nature (agreements, application, complaints, etc.,) and act for and defend our clients before courts (civil, administrative and commercial litigations) and give legal aid of any other kind, as may be provided by the laws, both to legal entities and individuals.

Our clients

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Legal services for business entities

ALVA PRIVACY provides legal support for entrepreneurial (commercial) activities of various legal entities, such as partnerships, companies, agencies, enterprises, notwithstanding their forms of business and ownership, organizations and individual entrepreneurs, and offers legal business consulting for domestic and foreign business entities.

Principles of legal services

ALVA PRIVACY attorneys at law and lawyers provide their services being abided by the principles of confidentiality, primacy of clients' interests, and by taking a tailored approach to each client and in compliance with the legal ethics rules.

Our law firm intensively applies various forms of legal support, including remote support and on-site visits to the client's office, so that to save your time and money.

Please contact us and we will find the best way to solve your problems, while minimizing your expenditures!

Legal support (service) on a subscription basis

Legal support (service) on a subscription basis

The subscription package legal support (service) offered by ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm in Kyiv is the best option to have access to legal advice of attorneys and lawyers on a regular basis, which advantages are convenience and flexibility coupled with a tailored approach

Comprehensive legal services for business entities

Comprehensive legal services for business entities

Our law firm offers the widest range (list) of legal services for business entities (organizations, enterprises, entrepreneurs), which primarily purpose is to prevent the occurrence of adverse legal situations (minimizing potential legal risks)

Attorney (Kyiv). Representing clients in the court

Attorney (Kyiv). Representing clients in the court

In view that our attorneys and lawyers have tremendous practical experience of handling legal proceedings, ALVA PRIVACY can act successfully in courts of all jurisdictions and levels dealing with administrative, civil, criminal and commercial matters

Attorney Services (Kyiv). Representing Clients in the Court

ALVA PRIVACY renders a wide range of attorney services for representation in commercial, civil, administrative and other cases in the court. Such attorney services include:

  • legal advice on litigations;
  • analyzing procedural and other documents related to the litigation;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes and arbitration;
  • attorney representing before the court in commercial, administrative and civil proceedings and arbitration tribunals;
  • recovering debts in a judicial manner or supporting litigations of any categories;
  • supporting bankruptcy proceedings, including comprehensive conduct of employment, taxation, civil, corporate cases, disputes related to inheritance and marital and family relations, division of property, declaration of title, invalidation of various transactions (agreements), etc.;
  • other litigations requiring an attorney to be engaged by virtue of the law and under the client's instruction.

Please note that, being well-versed in litigations and having strong practical experience of representing business entities and private persons in courts, ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers are able to reach the desired outcome in each specific case they are handling. Moreover, the primary goal pursued by ALVA PRIVACY team when acting for our clients before the court is to have the outcome most favorable to the client under the circumstances.

Having asked ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers for help, you may be confident that all of your judicial disputes will be handled in a responsible and good-faith manner.

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