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legal support subscription package

Legal support subscription package for business

In the current context, business owners and company directors need to make prompt and, what is the most important, weighed and lawful decisions to plan, develop and conduct their business. Even minor mistakes and errors made in decisions incidental with business processes may have adverse impact on the economy and postpone and, if taken as a whole, even jeopardize the business and goals which the company intends to reach.

Thus, in order to avoid and minimize risks inherent to managerial decisions as early as possible, ALVA PRIVACY delivers a full-scale legal support of business and day-to-day commercial activities of enterprises and organizations or so-called outsourcing.

Having entered into an agreement, under which our attorneys and lawyers will give you legal support on a permanent basis, you will spare your business the unnecessary expenditure of money and time and will be able to keep your mind concentrated fully on the goals you have undertaken to reach.

"Why to retain a law firm on a permanent basis?" you might ask. Indeed, you may keep doing well having your own legal department or one in-house lawyer only.

Legal support subscription package: advantages

legal support for business

Firstly, it is not economically feasible to maintain a legal department or even one skilled lawyer, if you have to deal routinely with legal issues.

Secondly, even if a company may benefit from employing one in-house lawyer only, this company will hardly be able to enjoy a full range of legal services in various fields of the business legal regulation and at the appropriate (superior) level.

As a matter of fact, upon entering into an (comprehensive) legal service retainer agreement (subscription package) with ALVA PRIVACY, you retain an entire team of highly-skilled lawyers who will help you in real time and expeditiously to cope with specific tasks, provide on a permanent basis comprehensive legal services (support) for your business, give your legal advice or represent your business (enterprise) before government authorities and when interact with other business entities and individuals.

Please note that ALVA PRIVACY does not limit its clients' choice by offering them in advance to select certain subscription packages (legal outsourcing), as the other law firms and companies often do, when they offer legal support (services) in Kyiv.

We take a customized approach to each client seeking our services so that they correspond to a set of legal services such client may need at the relevant stage of its business. Moreover, ALVA PRIVACY identifies and offers to a client a set of legal services comprising the subscription (legal support) package, primarily to save our client's money.

Thereafter, if the client's situation has changed in relation to its business and its needs for such or another legal service and their scopes have changed too, ALVA PRIVACY may negotiate with the client another set of legal services to comprise the subscription (legal support) package, so that, this time too, to save our client's money.

Legal support for business from ALVA PRIVACY

Given below is a provisional list of services Alva Privacy renders as part of its subscription legal support for business:

subscription package for business

  • Urgent legal consulting, either verbal or written, issuing legal opinions;
  • Drafting and examining agreements and contracts;
  • Drafting and legal examination of clients' documents and records, such as corporate documents (orders, instructions, directions, regulations), claims, complaints, applications, official correspondence with counterparties or business partners, requests, including those from government authorities, responses to them, other documents;
  • Lawyer (attorney) participating on behalf of the client in meetings and negotiations with counterparties or business partners;
  • Full legal support of client's agreements;
  • Representing enterprises and organizations before government authorities: fiscal, controlling, law-enforcement and other.

The above list of legal services is tentative and may be changed if the client so requests.

Legal services related to the representation in litigations and state registration of legal entities are not usually a part of the legal services subscription package and ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers provide them under separate agreements with clients. This is exclusively to minimize our clients' expenses for legal services rendered by ALVA PRIVACY. However, if the client so requests, we will willingly incorporate them into the legal services subscription package agreed upon with the client.

Please contact us and we will find the best way to solve your problems, while minimizing your expenditures!

You may contact us by email (which we check regularly). We will definitely offer you the best option for legal support subscription package for your business.

Truly yours, ALVA PRIVACY team

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