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Legal services

The rule of law is enshrined in Ukrainian legislation, but businesses and citizens need quality legal services for the effective protection of their rights and freedoms.

If you work with the Alva Privacy Law Firm, you will get the qualified help of a lawyer in Kyiv and the nearest regions. All information will remain strictly confidential.

What are the benefits of legal services from Alva Privacy Law Firm?

legal services from Alva Privacy Law Firm

Top law firms have a number of indisputable advantages. Our law firm is largely ahead of them. There are a lot of advantages in legal services from Alva Privacy Law Firm. We would like to pay your attention to the next ones:

Privacy Policy The information received from the client is not disclosed by our lawyers.
Qualification High qualification and rich experience of practical work of lawyers allow to provide high-quality legal support and services in any situation to both legal entities and individuals.
Optimal prices The cost of legal services must be affordable and consistent with quality. Our rates are not inflated, we carefully monitor our prices in comparison with other law firm. We set prices according to the complexity of the assistance provided and the qualifications of the staff.
Legal form Our company is established and operates in the form of a bar association, which provides additional benefits.

Areas of legal services

Applying to Alva Privacy Law Firm you have the opportunity to receive high quality legal services from experienced lawyers and attorneys in different issues occurred in any fields of law.

Legal support of business Commercial law
Civil law Family law
Lawyer protection and representation Intellectual property
Registration, reorganization and liquidation Tax law

What services do lawyers provide in Kyiv?

Our law firm in Kyiv provides the services of lawyers in various fields of law, and our priorities are:

  • Debt recovery - their enforcement, settlement of accounts payable and / or receivables, representation and protection of interests in the courts of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, organization and provision of legal support.
  • Settlement of disputes before court trial, claims work, support of enforcement of court decisions, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.
  • Legal support of economic activity of the enterprise - business correspondence, examination of agreements and contracts with contractors, support of their execution and conclusion, participation in negotiations, consultation on current issues, preparation of inquiries and answers to inquiries of state bodies and other ways of legal support of business.
  • Remote consultations - our firm is able to support clients remotely, helping by e-mail and any other technical means of communication.
  • Conducting of criminal, administrative and other proceedings - our firm's lawyers will never leave you in a difficult situation in the capital or region, and remotely - throughout Ukraine.
  • Legal analysis of contractual documentation, procedural and other documents in court cases.
  • Legal services in the field of taxation, concluding agreements and contracts, appealing against illegal actions of regulatory authorities.
  • Services of attorney in the different field of civil law, real estate, housing, land and other categories of disputes.
  • Our organization will help solve problems related to labor relations, recovery of salary arrears, reinstatement and other labor disputes.
  • Contact the lawyers of our law firm in case of problems in family relationships.
  • If criminal cases occur in your life, you will need a good specialist from our company.
  • We will take care of all aspects in commercial cases, our legal advice is always confidential and qualified.
  • Personnel outsourcing and audit, assistance in the development and maintenance of personnel documentation.
  • Legal opinions of lawyers on any issues of legislation, legal audit, Due Diligence, support of investment projects.
  • Our law firm will provide you with all the necessary legal support.

Legal services from Alva Privacy Law Firm: quality, experience, qualification

Alva Privacy Law Firm is a company with a wide range of legal support. In other words, we can provide assistance and protection in almost any situation due to the experience and high qualification of our employees.

Poznyaky, Osokorky, Darnytskyi district and other districts of the capital of Ukraine are areas in which we often provide legal services. If you are not in the capital, we will help remotely.

You can contact us through the website of our law firm, which lists our telephone numbers, addresses and other necessary information for clients. We guarantee you the highest quality legal services.

You must be sure that our lawyer will provide legal support of confidential and high quality.


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