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Comprehensive services for business

Comprehensive legal services for business

The legal support of your business will spare you the work with documentation, save much time and minimize your contacts with controlling authorities.

As we know from our experience, comprehensive legal services intended for entrepreneurs have direct effects on growing labor efficiency. Business develops and becomes stronger.

Why do you need comprehensive legal support for your business activities?

We would like to point out three reasons, time and practice proved:

  • Delegate your powers. A business owner should each day deal with business development having delegated legal matters to skilled lawyers. You cannot do all things at a time. So, focus on the key ones.
  • Trust professionals. An expert specializing in a narrow field performs work in such field significantly better than the others.
  • Solve problems before they arise. Taking thought for tomorrow is the only way to be confident in today.

legal services

High-skilled attorneys are usually involved in the legal support. Experienced lawyers will always give an expert detail advice, promptly put your documentation in order, and take care that you interests are legally protected whenever a dispute arises.

So, Alva Privacy lawyers' overriding purpose is to prevent in due time any problems from occurring with controlling authorities and counterparties.

Manage your business successfully and leave your legal matters to the professionals.

The comprehensive legal support includes:

For legal entities Legal services to enterprise, institutions, business companies, cooperatives, and organizations
Private entrepreneurs Legal protection for entrepreneurs who conduct private business activities

What do comprehensive legal services include?

Resolving corporate disputes A lawyer would help to draft constituent documents, optimize the company management system, resolve disputes with participants, founders (business co-owners) and company managers.
Resolving issues related to the registration, reorganization or liquidation of business Our specialist will prepare and file necessary documentation, offer the best way to organize and restructure the business, assume the organization of interactions with controlling authorities.
Legal protection from raider attacks A high-skilled attorney will give timely legal aid whenever there is an attempt to seize control over the business (or its part) in an unlawful manner.
Working with the documentation (contract work) The best way to prevent legal problems is to take care of them in appropriate time. Once a lawyer puts in order your documentation (including agreements), you are insured against any obsessive interest by tax authorities and potential problems with counterparties.
Legal consultancy A professional advice can sometimes save time not alone, but money as well. A lawyer's advice may be given on any legal matters.
Pre-trial dispute settlement It is also an attorney's duty to seek and propose to the parties an acceptable compromise without referring the dispute to the court. Doing so, the lawyer will naturally take guidance of your interests.
Legal protection in court You may resort to an attorney at law at any stage of the trial. A high-skilled lawyer will ensure that legal protection is in place at any instance court.

Three reasons to contact ALVA PRIVACY:

comprehensive services

  • Moderate prices of legal services for the business. As it is evident from the practice, it less expensive to pay attorney's fees that to pay fines for various violations or suffer loss from operating with dishonest counterparties. No matter how careful you are, you need a professional for this job, one with significant law practice experience. Our goal is to help you to save your money and remove the load of legal liability from your shoulders.
  • Transparent relationships. We are always honest with clients. We give you information as it is. Our attorneys do not promise an easy winning if it takes some pain. Nor they perplex a situation first-year law student may cope with easily. Cooperation with Alva Privacy is a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust, confidence, honesty and good faith.
  • Absolutely confident treatment of information. Definitely, the name of Alva Privacy speaks for itself. Keeping the attorney-client privilege is at all times on the list of our firm's priorities.

If you are interested in comprehensive legal services for business in Kyiv city and Kyiv Region, please feel free to contact us.

Our offer is favorable for the following reasons:

  • You have more free time to develop your business;
  • Having your business supported, you save your money;
  • You timely prevent legal issues from occurring.

We look forward to your letters and messages!

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