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Protection of personal data and privacy policy

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm uses Google Analytics in order to collect, process and store information about unique users of this website. This includes, in particular, collecting data about the use of this site by unique users and formation of statistics that reflect gender, age, location, the sources of traffic and the user's path on this website.

However, such personal data as username and others that would allow to identify the person are not included in the information collected and processed by ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm on this site.

Our Law Firm provides privacy and protection of all information and data used. The statistical information about users of the site, collected and processed by ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm, is not subject to disclosure. It is protected by law, including from unauthorized access.

Collection and processing of data for legal services

Collection and processing of data is carried out only in order to form statistics and analytics about the consumers of legal aid. Our Law Firm process this data for the purpose of improving the information, posted by the authors, and the interface of this site, optimizing marketing activities concerning providing the most popular legal services by ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm.

If you use this site, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information, mentioned above. If you do not consent to the collection of such information as described above, you will have to stop using this website and change the privacy settings on your device.

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