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ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm was created and operates in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine on advocacy.

At the same time, our firm brings together experienced professionals in the field of law, as well as specialists in accounting and auditing, taxation, as well as experts in other areas with whom our company constantly cooperates.

More about our law firm

The legal form of the company

The legal form of the ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm. Features, description, organizational differences from other law firms and companies.

Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality

Professional secrecy of ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers and concept of the word "Privacy". Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality of the information.

Positive experience of our lawyers

High-skilled lawyers and attorneys of ALVA PRIVACY provide their attorney and legal services and have a long-standing experience of:

  • acting for individuals and legal entities before courts in civil, commercial and administrative litigations, before other government authorities and individuals and legal entities;
  • claim administration, enforcement (recovery) of debts and settlement of accounts receivable and payable;
  • drafting, analyzing and examining various types of agreements; preparing legal opinions, consultations, comprehensive analysis of the laws;
  • advising on corporate law, handling corporate disputes, drafting all necessary corporate documents, full legal support for entering into participatory interest (business) sale and purchase agreements, setting up and reorganizing the business and obtaining concentrations permits from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • advising on taxation and tax optimizing (minimizing), protection of business against unlawful decisions, acts and omissions of controlling authorities, challenging decisions, including in a judicial manner, disputes with fiscal authorities, appealing against tax notification decisions, decisions imposing penalties and financial sanctions, restraining the production, etc.;
  • drafting foreign economic agreements, consulting on foreign exchange issues and settlements in a foreign currency;
  • assisting foreign individuals and legal entities to arrange and set up their business in Ukraine, including further legal support of foreign enterprises' and foreign investment enterprises' operations in Ukraine;
  • conducting legal due diligence, including comprehensive due diligence investigations of immovable property, land plots, participatory interests, investments and development projects;
  • planning, implementing and representing business entities in bankruptcy proceedings, including judicial and extrajudicial procedures;
  • enforcing court decisions and representing in enforcement proceedings, working with state enforcement services, appealing against decisions, acts and omissions of state enforcement officers;
  • legal support of agreements, such as immovable property and land plot (including stated-owned land) sale or lease agreements, consulting and dealing with legal cases related to the land legal relationships;
  • comprehensive legal support of investment projects, including resolution of disputes, litigations, such as, inter alia, those related to investing into the construction, share participation in the construction, reconstruction, relations with contractors. etc.;
  • consulting and full legal support of accepting and documenting inheritance, resolving issues between heirs through mediation or judicially, including foreign citizens, resolving disputes relating to family relationships arising upon effecting and dissolving a marriage, separating property, entering into an agreement of marriage, agreements between spouses regarding alimonies and exercising parental rights;
  • carrying out registration procedures, such as registration of business entities (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs), amending constituent documents, changing the composition of owners and directors, reorganizing and liquidating legal entities, registering foreign investments, obtaining any and all certificates, excerpts, statements, employment permits, residence permits (certificates), taxpayer numbers for foreign citizens, etc.;
  • assisting to obtain licenses to carry out certain business activities, such as, construction and touring operations, rendering services related to the carriage of passengers, dangerous goods and luggage by river, sea, road and railway, production and sales of medicinal products, medical practice, etc.

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