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Commercial Attorney

Commercial Attorney

A commercial attorney is a lawyer who provides legal services for the business, resolves disagreements between business entities, enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs.

Commercial law services provided by a lawyer.

The commercial law is a separate branch of law which is distinguished in Ukraine by its specifics and is more complicated than other law branches.

A lawyer who practices this law branch must have excellent knowledge and provide services to legal entities, protect their rights and interests, including representation in court (arbitration), debt collection from debtors, supporting bankruptcy proceedings ; advising, drafting necessary documents and settling commercial disputes that may arise out of entrepreneurial (commercial, investment) activities.

Commercial disputes: we assist to and protect in courts:

Companies of any ownership form (state-owned, municipal, private): Enterprises, companies, firms, associations, cooperatives, institutions, organizations, partnerships.
Individuals: Private entrepreneurs, persons who are not entrepreneurs, if the laws so provide (for example, investors, participants, shareholders, holders of participatory interests, officials).

Resolving commercial disputes

A commercial dispute is a disagreement (legal conflict) arising out of commercial relations between companies. A conflict mostly arises when obligations are not fulfilled or are fulfilled improperly under concluded contracts.

The lawyer’s ability to respond promptly and clearly to any developments both in relation to the dispute and applicable laws of Ukraine, and excellent knowledge of the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine are an essential element of effective and successful protection of rights and interests.

It is impeccable defense and lawyer’s services in court that are crucial to obtain a favorable court decision. Therefore, as far as this law branch is concerned, lawyer’s services and legal advice from high-level professionals are very important.

The most common commercial cases are:

In relation to contracts:
  1. invalidating a contract or its certain provisions;
  2. terminating contracts (transactions) or changing their conditions;
  3. fulfilling a contractual obligation in kind;
  4. recovering receivables, penalties (fines), damages.
In relation to property:
  1. recognizing property rights;
  2. eliminating use restrictions;
  3. reclaiming property from third party’s illegal possession.
In relation to non-contractual obligations:
  1. recovering damage caused to property or business reputation;
  2. recovering (refunding) unreasonably received money.

Lawyer’s services in commercial cases in Kyiv

The lawyer of Alva Privacy Law Firm provides a wide range of services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine for the protection of interests and representation in court in commercial cases. These legal services include:

  • ✅ legal advice, which can be provided in the client's office;
  • ✅ analyzing procedural and other documents available in the case, developing a strategy for resolving the dispute;
  • ✅ extrajudicial dispute settlement at the stage of handling claims before taking a legal action (drafting letters of claim and answers to them);
  • ✅ drafting and filing statements of claim (claim) / statement of defense to court, participating in the case starting from the first hearing in commercial court;
  • ✅ lawyer representing in and supporting the commercial litigations (arbitration), handling the case;
  • ✅ appealing against court decisions (drafting appeals and cassation complaints);
  • ✅ full support in all court instances (appellate and cassation);
  • ✅ debt collection through judicial proceedings;
  • ✅ legal support of transactions and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • ✅ legal assistance in enforcement of a court decision at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • ✅ further legal support for activities of business entities and business activities, whenever necessary.

Knowledge, experience and quality of work of a lawyer

commercial attorney in Kyiv

It is the knowledge of all specifics of the process, extensive practical experience in document drafting and representation of companies that allow Alva Privacy lawyers to achieve favorable resolution of the most of commercial business cases.

We offer services of experienced and highly qualified lawyers who have participated in many complicated court cases. Our lawyers are focused on solving legal problems and protecting enterprises, companies, firms, organizations, and perfect handling of cases.

Attorney’s legal service fee

Hourly rates and service fees of a lawyer participating in a commercial case may be given by email at your request.

Why should you entrust Alva Privacy to apply for you to a commercial court?

The reasons why you should seek our help and legal support in court cases and extrajudicial settlement of commercial disputes are:

  1. full confidentiality and reliability;
  2. fair price for highly qualified services;
  3. potential remote provision of services;
  4. our attorneys and lawyers observing the rules of legal ethics;
  5. potential recovery of attorney’s expenses, i.e., amounts paid for the legal services for the conduct of the case in court;
  6. our firm being focuses on businesses and large enterprises, our lawyer’s extensive experience of dealing with commercial disputes in Kyiv and other regions.

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