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Commercial law

Commercial law

In the modern world in a market economy there is a constant improvement of economic, civil and legal relations. In such conditions, planning of business processes and their implementation require from the management of companies quick and legally correct and legitimate decisions. Even small mistakes and miscalculations in management decisions that accompany economic activity can negatively affect the financial condition and result, and later - put the whole business on the verge of survival.

Even an experienced company manager is now difficult to navigate the ever-changing legislation without the help of a professional, a lawyer or an attorney. Therefore, the role of economic lawyers in such a situation is very important for business entities. Not a single dispute between commercial firms due to inadequate execution of the contract, now does not do without the participation of a lawyer on commercial disputes. In our time, it is impossible to enter into relations with another business entity and properly arrange such relationships with minimal risks for a legal entity without the help of a contract law specialist. To draw up a high-quality contract or prepare an additional agreement to it, which would protect the interests of the enterprise, also requires the participation of a lawyer under contracts - a specialist in commercial law.

Services in commercial law

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm on a permanent basis provides in Kiev legal services in the field of commercial law. Below we present to you some services in the most popular areas.


Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced. We help our clients successfully resolve business disputes in courts of all instances of commercial disputes and bankruptcy.


You need to prepare, check or correct a business agreement, are you preparing to sign it? Prevent the occurrence of problems - entrust the work on agreements to professionals!


Sometimes the second party independently prepares the draft of this document and provides it for consideration. At this stage, you will need an examination of the contract.


Both in life and in legal practice, there are many situations when it is necessary to invalidate an agreement or transaction. This is a judicial procedure to protect the interests and rights of the parties to the contract.


Sometimes it is necessary to declare a financial insolvency of the company, or, on the contrary, it is necessary to declare bankrupt the counterparty debtor. Our lawyers engaged in accompaniment of such a procedure.

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