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Civil Law

Civil Law

Do you need qualified legal aid in a civil dispute? Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to provide you with reliable legal protection in cases of any complexity.

Civil Law Services by Alva Privacy Law Firm

In civil law cases, Alva Privacy Law Firm mainly focuses on:

  • issues related to the acquisition and alienation of residential and commercial real estate;
  • issues in field of housing law related to confirmation of ownership, distribution, lease, privatization, redevelopment and registration;
  • car accidents, collection of compensations and insurance payments, protection from illegal actions and decisions of police officers;
  • protection of the interests of owners and tenants of land plots;
  • inheritance cases.

Civil attorney

Legal advice in civil issues. Representation of interests, full legal support of civil case in courts of all instances. Resolution of property disputes.

Land disputes and cases

Consultation and verification of the documents, protection of interests in court on land disputes. Support of agreements concerning the land. Rent, sale, exchange of plots.

Inheritance cases and disputes

Consultation of a lawyer on inheritance issues, legal support of the inheritance procedure. Protection of interests and representation in court by a lawyer specialized on inheritance disputes.

Real estate lawyers

Support of contract of sale, lease and others. Legal advice, verification of documents of the developer (seller), representation of interests in government agencies.

Housing issues and disputes

Consultation of the lawyer on housing issues, representation and protection of interests in court on housing disputes. Rent, registration, eviction and other issues.

Legal advice (Kyiv)

Consultations for individuals in writing, oral form or by telephone can save your time, effort and resources. Written legal opinions. Complete confidentiality.

Car Accident Lawyer in Kyiv

Consultations and support of car owners in case of an accident. Recovery of damages, insurance payments, examinations. Protection in cases of administrative offenses.

Assistance of a lawyer in the field of civil law

It is easier to prevent a fire than to put it out. It is better to consult with our lawyer before making a responsible decision. After qualified legal advice you can appreciate all negative consequences that may occur in result of your decision.

However, if a civil conflict has already occurred and you need assistance in defending your legitimate interests, our team of civil lawyers will provide you with necessary assistance. We will carefully investigate your case and make best effort to resolve the dispute in your favor.

Prices for the services of a lawyer in the field of civil law depend on the complexity of the case and the amount of work of a lawyer. However, you can be sure that the cost of services in our law firm is not overstated, and our team will honestly work in order to defend your rights.

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