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Family law

Family law

Do you need qualified legal services in a family law case? The team of Alva Privacy lawyers is able to protect reliably your legal interests in such a situation.

Family Law Services by Alva Privacy Law Firm

In family law cases, Alva Privacy Law Firm mainly focuses on:

  • drafting marriage contracts;
  • divorce proceedings;
  • issues related to the recovery or division of property;
  • recovery of alimony, compensation for child expenses.

Divorce. Lawyer services

We offer you divorce services in Kyiv: consultations, legal assistance, full legal support in divorce proceedings.

Family lawyer

Are you looking for an attorney in family cases (disputes)? Our team can offer you legal advice and representation in litigation.

Lawyer services for recovery of alimony

Do you need qualified lawyer services for recovery of alimony? Are you looking for an experienced lawyer? We provide consultations, legal assistance and full legal support in disputes on the recovery of alimony.

Drafting a marriage contract

To avoid controversial issues and problems in the future at the dawn of married life, couples enter into a special agreement – marriage contract.

Lawyer assistance in family law

Alva Privacy lawyers are not just experts in divorce litigation or family law. First of all, they are legal professionals who are able to prevent any negative consequences of precipitate actions and rash legal decisions.

If you are just planning to get married, we will help you be prepared in advance, so that your property – both what you own now and what you will buy in the future – will not be exposed to legal risks. If you are already married, our team is able to help you solve other family and property issues of legal nature.

If you are thinking about divorce, then, before you take any legally significant action, contact us. Having timely and qualified legal advice, you will be able to assess how well-thought-out your action plan is and whether the ground is sufficiently prepared for responsible legal steps.

If you are not sure what legal consequences of your actions may be, order the services of a family law attorney. This will prevent reckless actions and help you timely abandon risky plans.

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