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Legal support of business

Legal support of business

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm works with entrepreneurs and legal entities, providing full legal support to the business. Our team includes experienced lawyers.

A thorough knowledge of the details of the law and considerable practice allows our lawyers to provide legal services to companies (firms, joint stock companies, cooperatives, institutions, organizations, limited liability companies, etc.), as well as to offer professional legal services to entrepreneurs registered as self-employed individual.

Legal support of business clients

Professional legal support for business by attorneys and lawyers of the ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm includes the following areas:

Legal outsourcing

This involves engaging a legal practitioner from outside to provide legal services on a permanent ongoing basis. ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm offers you to sign a contract under which our association will provide you with high quality legal outsourcing services. In partnership with us you will receive the full range of services - from consultations to representation of your interests.

Legal Due Diligence

It is a comprehensive service that provides for an independent legal assessment of the object of investment or activity of the enterprise, verification of documentation for compliance with the legislation of Ukraine. A legal audit not only allows the investor (or owner) to feel confident in his/her investment object (business), but also allows to identify possible risks and to prevent them.

Registering and reorganizing companies

Are you going to register a business, change its legal form or reorganize / liquidate an existing company and want to save maximum time? Our team of lawyers provides a full range of such services.

Liquidating companies and business

There are many different reasons for liquidating an enterprise. However, it is best to conduct official closure of the company in accordance with the law, independently determining the conditions for closing.

Subscriber legal services

By signing a subscription agreement with ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm, you receive a package of legal services from a team of highly qualified lawyers. It will provide assistance in various areas of law, adjudication of specific tasks and choice of services: from legal advices to protection of interests in mutual relations with counterparties, investors, clients, regulatory authorities.

Vessel chartering. Freight of ships

Fast and proper freight of ships and “turnkey” assistance will allow to save your money, arrange for freight and cargo delivery without the involvement of regular staff. The main services we provide are: collection of information about the ship and routes, freight rates, formation of the contract of carriage, additional full support of the transportation process.

Business consulting in Ukraine

Reading a regulation not always can give you an understanding of how to put it into practice. There is often lack of time to keep track of these acts. Therefore, professional legal advice is needed for all business representatives. It will allow you to make the right management decisions, multiply funds, protect against financial losses and risks, as well as always properly deal with difficult situations.

Corporate disputes

This is a special kind of legal conflicts in the field of share capital, enterprise-company management. ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm provides quality services of attorneys and lawyers in corporate law in Kiev as following: documentation preparation, oral and written consultations, protection of interests in court, legal verification of the business / assets / corporate rights that are planned to be purchased.

Dental business support

Do you want to open your own dental office in Kyiv? ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm will help you to open your own clinic, obtain a license for the medical practice and start a dental business; provide further quality legal support and maintenance of dentistry and medical practice of the doctor, dentist.

Comprehensive services for business

The main mission for lawyers of the ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm is to prevent any problems in your business with the regulatory authorities and contractors in a timely manner. Delegate powers! Trust the professionals! Prevent legal issues before they arise by using our comprehensive services!

HR outsourcing and audit

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm offers personnel HR management services concerning personnel, employees, co-worker. HR audit and outsourcing, preparation and maintenance of HR documentation for business (enterprises, firms, companies) at optimal cost. Auditing staff will identify vulnerabilities, eliminate violations and protect the organization from the negative consequences.

The main purpose of legal support

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm provides legal support to companies and organizations of different forms of ownership in Kyiv and the region to prevent possible negative situations. Our main goal primarily is to anticipate, reduce, or avoid potential risks for the company (firm, organization).

This is possible upon the condition that timely legal assistance will be provided. While working closely with the client, we will be able to assess the current legal situation and anticipate possible risks. Working ahead is much more efficient and less costly for a business than dealing with the consequences that can arise.

Approximate list of business support services

The list of legal services for business support is extensive and takes into account assistance in virtually every situation that may arise. Our highly qualified lawyers are ready to:

  • analyze the situation and provide consultation for business;
  • analyze contractual documentation of any type;
  • carry out examination of documentation, investment projects, property or corporate rights that are planned to be purchased;
  • accompany negotiations;
  • draw up contracts and agreements taking into account the interests of the client;
  • carry out full support of the conclusion and execution of transactions at all stages;
  • protect the business in the area of its chain with government and regulatory authorities (including appeal of illegal acts / inaction);
  • settle the issues of receivable and payable accounts;
  • provide the legal support of the enterprise in full - with protection against all legal risks;
  • resolve disputes in the pre-trial order;
  • prepare and file a claim, to represent the client in court;
  • accompany the process of execution of the court decision favorable to the client or to appeal the court decision which does not correspond to client’s interests.

We provide partial and complete legal services for business support: starting from the process of company registration to the protection of existing business and liquidation of a legal entity. We also deal with foreign companies and Ukrainian companies with foreign capital.

Best regards, the team of the ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm, Kyiv

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