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Legal services for business entities

ALVA PRIVACY provides legal support (service) for enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

Thus, a legal consultation delivered in a timely and good-quality manner would enable a business owner or administrator (enterprise or organization) to avoid completely or reduce significantly business risks, either existing or potentially arising in future, and timely predict whether such risks are likely to occur.

The primary purpose of legal services for a business entity, i.e., legal support of commercial activities, is to prevent any adverse legal situations from occurring in relation to the business, rather than combating their consequences.

Legal support for business clients

ALVA PRIVACY lawyers and attorneys deliver such legal services to legal entities, notwithstanding their ownership, subordination and organizational and legal form (companies, organizations, institutions, commercial companies, cooperatives, etc.) and individual entrepreneurs who are registered as business entities in a prescribed manner.

Legal support of entrepreneurial (commercial) activities comprises current consultations given by attorneys and lawyers of ALVA PRIVACY, drafting and analyzing all types of agreements (contracts), legal support for various legal transactions, rendering legal services to protect the business from unlawful decisions, acts and omissions of controlling authorities and appealing against them, in particular, in a judicial way, participating in the settlement of accounts receivable and payable, drafting and filing with courts statements of claim, representing in courts of all instances and before other law enforcement agencies, conducting legal examination of documents, drafts, participatory interests and/or property rights to be acquired, involving attorneys and lawyers into negotiations with counterparties, etc.

In addition, ALVA PRIVACY provides legal services to foreign individuals and legal entities to arrange and set up their business in Ukraine, including further full-range legal services to keep their business operating and, among other things, to support current operations of foreign enterprises and foreign investment enterprises in Ukraine.

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