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housing attorney

Attorney for housing issues

Perhaps, each attorney dealing with housing issues can tell a story when one signature alone carelessly affixed deprived the person of his or her own home. Years of hard work and sweet dreams of his or her own home were brought to nothing by a reckless scratch of the pen.

Are you involved too in a housing dispute? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

An experienced housing lawyer from Alva Privacy will help to protect your legitimate interests. In addition, you must understand that the time may either be your ally or bitter enemy. As a matter of practice, a timely given legal advice on a housing issue helps, in the majority of cases, a party involved in the dispute to protect its rights without resorting to court.

Services of an attorney for housing issues in Kyiv

Legal advice on housing issues Housing issues are better prevented than referred to the court. Notwithstanding the situation you are now in, the first thing you must do is to seek advice from a housing lawyer. A well-versed attorney would explain all details of the legal framework and recommend you the most practical strategy of actions by giving an example how this issue may be solved based on the professional experience.
Drafting documentation It includes such services as drafting a statement of claim; reviewing title documents; drafting and entering into a purchase or lease agreement for residential premises.
Full support of the case in court A high-skilled attorney for housing issues will help to protect your legitimate interests. Alva Privacy Law Firm will take care of your legal representation in all instances courts. A housing attorney is ready to step in at any stage of litigations.

Legal assistance covers the following issues:

attorney for housing issues in Kyiv

  1. Acknowledging title to housing property;
  2. Dividing residential premises, partition of housing property upon separation;
  3. Acknowledging or invalidating residential premises lease agreements;
  4. Privatizing an apartment;
  5. Deregistering at the place of residence;
  6. Replanning the residential premises;
  7. Disputes related to the inheritance of residential premises;
  8. Drafting a testament for an apartment or house.

You may contact us with respect to any disputes related to housing issues.

How to register a person in an apartment without his or her participation? What documents are needed to privatize an apartment? How to prove the title to the residential premises?

Most of these issues may be handled by a detail legal consultation. However, some cases need more profound review and further support in court.

It is essential to keep in mind that, if it is so, even one month of time may be worth as much as a three-room apartment. Therefore, you must not waste your time and ask Alva Privacy for a qualified legal assistance as soon as possible. Make time work for you!

What else should you know about making the right decision?

Advantages of Alva Privacy housing lawyer

housing lawyer

  • Housing attorney's fee. You must admit that a professional legal assistance may cost money. Services rendered by a housing lawyer are paid as good as services rendered by a dentist, taxi driver or barber are. It must be stressed, however, that financial benefit from professional legal aid is always greater. Therefore, being too thrifty to retain an attorney is not a very good idea; as you may know the saying "buy cheap, buy twice." Specifically, this is the case when it goes to litigations involving housing issues.
  • Absolutely honest relations. Alva Privacy lawyers will always be honest to you. Our housing attorneys never promise everything under the sun when there is nothing to hope for. But they do make use of all of their experience, professionalism and expertise to get for you a positive outcome.
  • Strict confidence. Your interests have always been, are and will be first and paramount. Our lawyers will do their best to find the best solution of the problem and to minimize your expenditures.

Should you need a housing attorney in Kyiv, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Whatever the situation you are in, skillful lawyers from Alva Privacy are at all times ready to give you legal assistance.

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