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recovery of alimony

Lawyer services for recovery of alimony

It is a normal situation, when people living in the same family keep some members of their kin. For example, parents support their children or one of the spouses financially supports the other during the illness.

At the same time, the specific amount of money assigned to a child or other spouse is not determined within the family.

The concept of alimony is often associated with the need to determine a specific amount of money intended for the maintenance of a particular family member.

Setting the amount of alimony: compulsory or voluntary

People associate the word "alimony" with a duty, with a recovery of payment. Alimony obligations are regulated by the norms of the Family Code of Ukraine. Frequently, the emergence of such obligations leads to a dispute that is difficult for people to resolve on their own.

However, it is also possible to resolve this issue peacefully.

The alimony agreement is beneficial to both parties. This is a good way to save a lot of time and money, as well as save your nerve cells. The parties can establish the particular amount, procedure and terms of payment of alimony in this agreement.

alimony agreement

But what if the parties cannot reach an agreement?

Then you should seek legal aid from a family attorney. Alva Privacy Law Firm is ready to provide professional legal services. You can contact us for a consultation in Kyiv by calling the number: ☏ +38-044-502-81-16; +38-067-777-89-01.

What should you do if your husband does not pay alimony? How to get payments from an officially unemployed spouse? Is it possible to increase or decrease the amount of alimony?

If such questions bother you, contact us. An experienced attorney will tell you the easiest and the most reliable way to get out of a legal impasse.

The main types of alimony obligations:

Alimony for child The alimony must be paid until the child reaches the age of majority, or longer in special cases. The plaintiff will need documents proving family ties. An additional advantage will be documents and / or information about the defendant's income. The lawyer for the recovery of alimony of our law firm will take care of the rest.
Alimony for parents The father or mother who has lost the ability to support themselves have the right to demand alimony from their children. It is not necessary to address the requirement to all children at once, you can choose only one of them. However, you should keep in mind, that the father (or mother), who did not fulfill his duties in relation to the child, loses the right to alimony.
Alimony for wife / husband Spouses must support each other financially. A husband who has become disable can sue and demand the maintenance. This is not the only reason. For example, if the ex-husband has become disable within one year from the moment of divorce, he can also demand alimony. However, there are many legal nuances. For instance, if you are incapacitated and at the same time do not need outside financial assistance, you will have no grounds for demanding alimony. Or in case the husband, who behaved unworthily during the marriage, will be deprived of the right to alimony.

Why do you need the services of a lawyer in disputes on the recovery of alimony?

alimony obligations

Such disputes may seem simple at first sight. After all, how can you refuse to pay the alimony to a child or mother? The mere thought of doubting in need for payment is immediately accompanied by condemnation.

But in fact, there are many nuances that should be considered. For example, what if the wife spends money not on the child, but on herself or the new iPhone?

And how will the court look at the situation when parents, who have not taken care of their children and were later deprived of parental rights, demand payment?

Such details have weight. That is why in case of a conflict related to alimony, it is better to turn to experienced professionals. Alva Privacy Law Firm is ready to provide you with legal services on such issues (Kyiv and region).

Legal services for recovery of alimony in Kyiv

Lawyer consultation You will receive an honest advice based on the experience of resolving similar disputes. The lawyer will provide you with realistic forecasts and suggest the most effective strategies for further action.
Drafting a statement of claim for the recovery of alimony The service includes the preparation and drafting of the claim and all related documents for filing in court.
Representation in court A qualified attorney specializing in recovery of alimony will represent you in court and protect your interests.

How much do legal services cost

Free legal assistance is not effective. This is a rule in which there are no exceptions.

The services of "Alva Privacy" lawyers are paid. At the same time, you make a profitable investment in qualified legal assistance. Receiving and paying alimony is a long and expensive process. Therefore, the decision to turn to the professionals can save you ten times more than the cost of a lawyer’s services.

Cost (price) of lawyer services for recovery of alimony

Verbal consultation 500.00 UAH (when ordering other services - free of charge)
Drafting of an application to the court from 1500.00 UAH
Execution and submission of an application, petition or revocation (with all annexes) to the court from 1000.00 UAH
Visit to court and participation in court proceedings from 1600,00 UAH / 1 court day
A visit to court without participating in a court hearing 800.00 UAH / 1 visit
Hourly payment (fee) 1200.00 UAH / 1 hour of work
Full proceedings in the court of first instance from 4000.00 UAH (for the whole range of services)

Why should you apply to the Alva Privacy law firm in Kyiv?

lawyer services for recovery of alimony

  • Only profile experts. Your dispute will be handled by an experienced family lawyer. We are ready to provide you with full legal support at all stages until the court decision.
  • Absolutely confidential. Personal data of clients are protected by a special law.
  • Openness and trust. Our lawyers are always honest with clients. You will not be promised a positive court decision without good reason.
  • Professionalism. If your position based on reliable information and legal experience, you will achieve a positive outcome of the dispute.

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