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Lawyer assistance in family cases and disputes

The family cases are very delicate issue. The participants of conflict often make important decisions based on emotions. As usual there are financial or property damages in the end.

An apartment in Kyiv, a car and even your own children are some of the losses that are becoming a reality for hundreds of citizens every day.

However, this material is intended to help and offer solutions, instead of scaring you.

Alva Privacy Law Firm is ready to provide you with full legal protection in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

The experienced attorney in field of family law is ready to give you a useful legal advice and promote a peaceful settlement of the conflict. You will get a completely honest answer to the question: "What can I expect?". The openness with the client is one of the first items on the list of priorities of our law firm.

Is it possible to avoid court hearing in family dispute?

In this case, you should contact us right now. Your interests in court will be protected by a competent family lawyer. The main rule is not to procrastinate, and as soon as possible to consult with our specialist.

You should remember, that in this case, time will work for you only after the case is handled by a family lawyer. Then every minute will bring you closer to getting out of the confusing legal maze. We are waiting for your appeals!

You can apply a lawyer for the following family issues:

attorney in field of family law

  1. divorce and other family disputes;
  2. inheritance cases;
  3. analysis of the marriage contract, getting a legal opinion;
  4. establishment of paternity;
  5. payment of alimony;
  6. marriage to a foreign citizen.

Your case will be handled by a family lawyer who has faced identical client problems. Our specialists have a wealthy experience gained through years of practice.

You can be sure that your interests will be represented by a true professional.

Legal services of the family lawyer in Kyiv:

Consultation of a family lawyer Consultation is the first stage of cooperation with Alva Privacy Law Firm. The lawyer will study the information, analyze the details, and give you a legal opinion. You can get qualified legal advice based on real experience of Alva Privacy Law Firm and understand what to do in order to resolve the issue in your favor.
Peaceful settlement, pre-trial support The best court hearing is the one that was never needed. Our attorney in family dispute will do everything possible to achieve an effective result in resolving the conflict without going to court.
Representation in court The attorney in family dispute guarantees full support of the family case in the courts of all instances. The great experience, high qualification and professionalism are an integral part of a confident victory in the trial.

Why should you apply to us?

attorney in family dispute

  • Crystal honesty. The frankness is one of the best quality of a family lawyer. This means that you will get honest answers to all legal questions. Our lawyers do not promise gold of Eldorado, but can always offer the best and most affordable way to solve your problem.
  • Reasonable cost. The price of a legal services in field of family law depends on many factors. For instance, in one case you need only legal advice, while in another you need to go to court in order to settle your issue. The main thing to remember is that the benefits of qualified legal aid are higher than the investment in it.
  • Absolute confidential. Your personal information will never be passed on to third parties. You can be sure in the professional decency of our lawyers.

If you need a family lawyer in Kyiv, feel free to contact Alva Privacy Law Firm.

We are waiting for your letters, applications and calls!

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