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attorney-client privilege

Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality

Attorney at law and lawyers commonly understand the word "privacy" as an important legal concept dictating the right not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasion of private liberty. This concept was first ever substantiated as a scientific notion and found legal protection in the USA.

The privacy evolved as an institution in view of the need to secure a proper legal protection of individuals against invasion of their private life by the government and, in particular, to have protection from police abuse during criminal prosecutions, for examples, upon executing a search and seizing a property.

Currently, the above notion of "privacy" embraces such human rights as inviolability of person, dwelling, documents, correspondence, including email, telephone conversation, financial information regarding the person, protection against misappropriation (unlawful use) of the person's name, publication of private data regarding a person(for example, financial information, correspondence, photos, video, medical information), publications wrongfully describing and almost defaming (but not being a defamation as such) a person, right to protection and non-disclosure of information regarding a person (personal data) as collected and kept in various systems and databases, etc.

Likewise, the right of privacy deals with the medical and adoption secrecy and seal of confession, other professional secrets.

Professional secrecy of ALVA PRIVACY attorneys at law and lawyers

In his or her practice, an attorney would usually limit the meaning of privacy to the confidentiality of attorney-client mutual relationships. The Ukrainian Law on the Bar and Advocacy prohibits an attorney from disclosing without the client’s consent any information protected by the attorney-client privilege or using such information for his or her own benefits or for the benefit of third parties.

As provided in article 22 of the aforementioned Law, the attorney-client privilege covers any information regarding the client, of which an attorney (assistant attorney, trainee or any other person employed by an attorney) becomes aware, as well as the matters with respect to which the client has applied to the attorney or association of attorneys, contents of the attorney's advice, consultations and explanations, documents drawn up by the attorney, information stored on electronic media, and other documents and information the attorney may obtain upon practicing his or her profession.

Therefore, the key principle ALVA PRIVACY is abided by is the confidentiality and non-disclosure of information protected by the attorney-client privilege.

ALVA PRIVACY always strives to create conditions that prevent outsiders from accessing or disclosing any information protected by the attorney-client privilege.

The applicable laws of Ukraine prohibit from requesting ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers to furnish any information protected by the attorney-client privilege. ALVA PRIVACY attorneys and lawyers may not be interrogated regarding such matters and it is be forbidden to inspect, disclose, request or seize documents related to the attorney's activity.

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