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Legal consultations for business

Legal consultations for business in Ukraine

Legal consultations for the management and business owners

In the today's world, commercial and civil law relations are at all times improving in the context of the market economy. As these processes go on, the laws of Ukraine are developing, being changed, updated, supplemented all the time.

This is necessary to regulate various social relations as closely as possible. Due to this, the knowledge of the applicable laws and enforcement practice becomes of vital importance.

We take a huge advantage from developing technologies and communications, so that each can now review laws and even identify which law governs certain social relationships. However, the mere knowledge of a regulatory act as such is not much of help when it goes to its practical application.

Today, even an experienced manager of a company finds it difficult to be at ease with the laws that constantly change, with no help from a professional, such as lawyer or attorney. Therefore, a timely legal advice is very important.

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For your information, in developed countries attorneys are asked for help as often as doctors are!

Legal entities do need legal consultations in Ukraine. Information from a legal database used to resolve legal issues may sometimes save tens, hundreds and even millions of Hryvnias. Is it worth to risk such money? The answer is clearly evident.

Alva Privacy's mission is to give efficient legal aid to a legal entity. An experienced lawyer will help to sort out the applicable laws for you, give explanations on certain aspects of specific laws, identify potential options to resolve the problem encountered by the company and will help to choose the best way out.

Legal consultations for business in Kyiv offered by Alva Privacy

For legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs, their investors and owners

Lawyer's consultations on the following issues:

  • Registering companies, drafting agreements and constituent documents;
  • Drafting complaints, applications, objections and other procedural documents;
  • Appealing against decisions of government bodies and officials;
  • Amending the founders agreement or articles of association (charter);
  • Terminating or invalidating agreements;
  • Issues related to judicial disputes;
  • Out of court settlement and support;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Reorganizing and liquidating companies;
  • Legal support for the process of executing settlement agreements;
  • Amending corporate documentation in view of current changes in the laws.

It should be kept in mind that legal consultation for business may help to gain insight on details and procedure for drafting certain legal documents, contracts, and agreements, and to understand what the difference between certain agreements is.

Attorney's or lawyer's legal consultations for business entities offered by Alva Privacy (Kyiv)

legal advice for business

Qualified legal consultations timely received will spare you the mistakes or financial losses and reduce hugely the risk of losing assets.

For example, as the banking, tax and business laws develop dynamically, we need to keep track of legislative changes and align corporate documents, so that they have a proper form, and correctly document relationships with other persons or entities. Notwithstanding that companies have the same organizational and legal form, their operations may have very different specifics. Thus, for instance, an informational agency would operate absolutely differently if compared to a production company.

The comprehensive regulation covers business entities not alone. Currently, it is vital like never before for public organizations to carry out their activities in compliance with the applicable tax laws. Having a legal consultation received in a timely manner, your organization will definitely avoid any tax authority's claims.

Our law firm gives legal consultations to companies and other business entities either based on a subscription for legal support (service) of business or individually in each case based on requests for legal support of business activities.

When giving its legal consultations, Alva Privacy Law Firm guarantees that any information received from you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and never be displaced.

ALVA PRIVACY high-skilled lawyers and attorneys provide both verbal and written legal consultations on various legal issues.

A timely received legal consultation will allow you to choose the best solution, make your assets safe and you feel calm by saving your time and helping you to avoid potential financial loss or mitigate them as much as possible!

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