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Vessel chartering. Freight services in Ukraine

Freight services. Vessel chartering

Recently more and more companies have to go to sea and river carriers to have their goods transported either by sea or domestic inland waterways.

Whenever you may use water transport services, you will definitely see their advantages. Many businessmen have been using such services for quite a long time, while the others are about to start thinking or elaborating potential options for cooperation. If this is the case for you, you should collect as much information as possible regarding ports of transshipments, the most appropriate shipments of goods and traffic directions, value of such services and on which it depends. All of such information is extremely necessary to calculate the economic efficiency from using water transports. The actual and correct calculation is crucial for your final decision.

Not all of the companies may afford to have the relevant expert as their employee. So, they will need to spend much time to obtain full and reliable information. We will help you to do this job promptly, professionally and at a fair price. You will not have to employ any additional employees and, accordingly, will minimize your expenses for salaries and wages and social security of your employees.

Gathering information is just a minor part of the work we will have to do. The next, and more important, step is entering into contracts of carriage (charter parties), which significantly differ from similar agreements with the other carriers and have a number of specifics inherent to water transports only.

Assistance under the contract of carriage of goods by water transport (chartering)

chartering of the vessel

Our experts provide assistance at all stages of cooperation with shipping companies, starting from agreeing upon terms and conditions of carriage and ending with the completed carriage, i.e. full fulfillment of the agreement.

The entire process covers:

  • drafting proposals regarding contractual terms and conditions that are the most beneficial for those who order carrier's (charterer's) services;
  • full support for the conclusion of a charter agreement;
  • correspondence regarding any controversies relating to the transportation;
  • calculating the laytime (time allocated for handling operations) in ports of loading and unloading;
  • correspondence regarding potential commercial defects (damaged or wetted goods) at pre-arbitral (extrajudicial) stage or before both companies' insurers are involved to resolve the dispute.

If the dispute resolution pass into a judicial stage (for example, international arbitration in London or Paris), we may provide services to collect information necessary for the lawyers who will represent you in the international arbitration. If the contract of carriage provides for legal (arbitration) proceedings in Ukraine (Maritime Arbitration Commission), we have all means necessary for your proper representation and protection before the Maritime Arbitration Commission of Ukraine.

Should you have any questions or doubts regarding legal or commercial aspects of using water transports, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with you.

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