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Attorney for civil cases

Most of us would wish to resolve amicably such issues as child maintenance payments, divorce and division of property related thereto, loan repayment, often by giving up our legitimate interests. The price we pay for such give up is our money, real estate, land plots.

Is it worth losing without a fight?

Do you need a lawyer in case of a civil dispute?

Alva Privacy is willing to ensure that you have efficient legal protection in Kyiv or Kyiv Region (Ukraine). An accomplished civil law attorney is capable of recouping your cost yet based on results of initial consultations and actions. A lawyer is very likely to help to attain an acceptable outcome without obtaining a court decision at all.

As a matter of practice, advice timely given by a lawyer is an asset capable of turning into desired square meters of an apartment or land plot for your summer house. Eventually, this is about the restoration of legitimate rights. In addition, a civil lawyer will spare you money not alone, but your time as well.

What if judicial proceeding in civil case are inevitable?

Alva Privacy will take care of your legal representation in courts for civil cases in Kyiv and Kyiv Region. Our legal practitioner will make use of the entire in-depth experience to obtain the court decision favorable to you. No matter in what status you are involved in the civil proceedings, either plaintiff or defendant. A civil law attorney will be your faithful ally protecting your legal interests.

You may contact us with respect to the following civil disputes:

civil law attorney

  • Matters related to the inheritance or making of a will;
  • Labor disputes related to the payment of benefits, unlawful termination, reinstatement to the position, etc.;
  • Disputes related to the invalidation of contracts (agreements) of any kind and violation of their terms and conditions;
  • Disputes related to the partition of property or recognizing the title;
  • Matters involving traffic accidents;
  • Family disputes and cases, such as recovery of child maintenance allowances, entering into or terminating a marriage contract (agreement) and other issues;
  • Entering into real property sale and purchase agreements and drafting agreement of any other kind.

The given above are the most common issues only that clients usually ask us to handle.

Civil attorney's services in Kyiv:

Legal consultation Initially, you start cooperating with an attorney with consulting. Our lawyer scrutinizes the situation and furnished documents and then provide you with a legal analysis. You receive clear recommendation that rests on the practice of handling similar civil cases. After the legal consultation, you may have a wider look at the situation in legal terms, so that you can make a well-balanced decision on your future actions and further cooperation.
Pre-trial dispute settlement (legal support) Certainly, most people do not want that the case is referred to court. And such compromise exists. However, your argumentation must rest on a strong legal foundation. It is a civil lawyer's task to lay such foundation.
Representing clients in court A high-skilled attorney is ready to give you legal support before all instances courts. Indeed, the earlier you ask for legal assistance, the more prospects of success you have. Moreover, Alva Privacy attorney may step in at any stage of litigations. Here you always find efficient legal support.

Three reasons to contact our law firm:

civil cases

  1. Fair service fee charged by a civil law attorney. A legal service fee depends on many factors and in calculated on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, an any event, the financial benefit you have from a favorable court decision is always greater than the sum of money you paid. As a matter of Alva Privacy's practice, investment in civil attorney's services are mostly paid back.
  2. Impregnable honesty and transparency. You lawyer give you bare truth. You receive reliable information only, and recommendations that may be put into practice. You will at all times have a broad picture that will help you to make right decision.
  3. Confidential treatment of information. Our firm treats the attorney-client privilege as good as money salted away in a Swiss bank. We assure you that you may be confident in our lawyers.

Should you need a civil attorney in Kyiv, do not hesitate to contact Alva Privacy Law Firm. An accomplished lawyer will ensure that your legal interests are reliably protected. We look forward to your calls, emails and messages!

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