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Car accident attorney in Kyiv

You have got into a car accident in Kyiv or Kyiv Region and still stay at the scene of the accident, don't you? Call us immediately at +38-067-777-89-01.

An experienced car accident lawyer from Alva Privacy will timely give you preliminary advice regarding your situation. Please keep in mind that time is of essence to you. Therefore, you should apply to professionals for legal aid as soon as possible. This is especially so if you are involved in a traffic accident with fatalities.

Services of a traffic accident lawyer in Kyiv and Kyiv Region

Do you know that more than 2,000 traffic accidents occur in the Ukrainian capital each month?

Car accidents are not unusual things for a big city. It often happens so that we lack time, care and, sometimes (why deny it!), willingness to keep tracks of all details from traffic police officers.

Therefore, you just need a car accident attorney. A high-skilled lawyer from Alva Privacy will protect your interests.

The legal assistance from Alva Privacy is:

registration of the traffic accident

  1. Legal protection of vehicle owner's rights against unlawful actions and abuse of authority by traffic police officers. Please keep in mind that all further court instances will proceed from the facts and information relating to the traffic accidents documented directly at the scene of the accident. Take care of legal protection of your interests. A legal consultation on the car accident will help you at the initial stage. It is a set of rules and actions you should follow and do when communicating traffic police officers.
  2. Legal protection of vehicle owners related to the compensation for material loss and insurance claims. If a traffic accident occurs, a party in fault is identified preliminarily directly at the scene of the collision or accident. An insurance payment depends on findings of the car accident expert examination and further court decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have legal support as early as possible, preferably immediately after the accident. After you call the police and, if necessary, the ambulance, you should contact a traffic accident attorney. As we said already, Alva Privacy is also ready to ensure that an independent expert examination is carried out with respect to the traffic accident. After the initial stage is over, an experienced car accident lawyer will help to seek damage in court if the vehicle insurance has not worked for some reasons or one of the parties involved in the traffic accident did not have any. Anything may happen on the road.
  3. car accident attorney in Kyiv

  4. Legal protection of vehicle owners' rights related to the deprivation of the driver's license. This includes causing an accident event (circumstances) or traffic accident, non-compliance with traffic police officer's direction to stop, driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Alva Privacy attorneys will ensure that legal protection is given in any conflict situation. Our lawyers will make use of all of their experience, professionalism and expertise to ensure that you still keep you driver's license.
  5. Legal aid to vehicle owners to choose an insurance company. If an insurance agreement is available, a skillful lawyer will explain how far this document is correct and to what extent it protects the vehicle owner's rights. Why is this important? The matter is that it is not always easy to make an insurance company to pay even if you have a court decision in hand. That is why you must make sure that you are on the safe side even before entering into the agreement. Definitely, you should expect that no car accident will ever occur to you and you will never need any insurance indemnity.

How much does it cost to hire a traffic accident attorney?

fixation of a road accident

Alva Privacy provides a number of legal services, each having its price. We should note, however, that the cost of services rendered by a traffic accident attorney is significantly less than the financial benefit from a favorable court decision.

What is the most important in this situation is to waste no time. Call us right now.

We will ensure that a car accident lawyer will give you urgent legal aid and will protect your legal interests. We are looking forward to your call!

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