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  1. Legal advice offered by Alva Privacy in Kyiv both verbally and in writing.
  2. Why is the decision to consult a lawyer reasonable and correct?
  3. Five reasons for which you should seek advice from our law firm
  4. Moderate price

How often did it take weeks, months and years of your time to resolve legal issues? Endless piles of documents, indifference of public officers, constant lack of time are those circumstances that can throw anybody off his or her stride.

It is true that if you apply to a skillful lawyer most of your civil law matters may be resolved at the earliest opportunity. A timely legal advice saves much time and even many more efforts and means.

A detailed advice from a lawyer is an efficient tool to get any rusty bureaucratic apparatus to move and make it work for your cause.

Alva Privacy Law Firm gives its legal advice in writing, verbally and by phone. A qualified lawyer will help you to prevent a problem in a timely manner. He or she will offer the simplest and most cost-efficient solution for your problem. Whenever necessary, you will be given full legal support.

Legal consultations are currently relevant more than ever for individuals (citizens) who enter into loan agreement, establish relationships with banks and other entities for the purpose of borrowings, investing, selling or purchasing something. There may be an indefinite number of examples. Each day we make civil law transactions in stores, subway, at marketplaces, when being hired or resigning.

Verbal and written legal consultations offered by Alva Privacy in Kyiv:

For individuals

Consulting on legal issues in Kyiv:

  • Mortgage, bank, consumer lending;
  • Entering into a purchase agreement for real property, vehicle, land plot;
  • Employment disputes: issues related to unlawful dismissal, termination of employment agreement, monetary benefits;
  • Legal assistance on civil law cases;
  • Housing disputes;
  • Family matters;
  • Inheritance disputes;
  • Land disputes.

A legal advice for individuals is the first step to getting out of a legal impasse.

Why is the decision to consult a lawyer reasonable and correct?

legal advice

  • You prevent problems. A small legal detail may sometimes surprise you in very unpleasant ways. A price of legal error may be measured in money, square meters, acres of land and even in personal freedom. As a matter of practice, a standard consultation presented by a lawyer by phone helps to avoid most of such problems. Legal assistance timely given can save property not alone, but fates as well.
  • You save your money. It is less expensive to handle your civil law matters in good time. Certainly, you have met more than once bureaucratic indifference and are well aware of the hardship that legal complications may bring. In such a situation, the money paid for a legal advice will turn into a reasonable and far-reaching investment. After all, you avoid much larger costs in such a way. Make your things in order and sleep peacefully.
  • You save your time. Without competent legal services, it can take months to resolve civil law matters. This would be harsh times requiring lots of resources. It is about money, time, and pain in the neck. You can spare your strength and resources if you timely contact a lawyer from Alva Privacy. We have an attractive offer for those who value their time.

Five reasons for which you should seek advice from our law firm:

legal consultations

  1. Impeccable integrity. Our lawyers will never mislead you. We give you reliable and frank recommendations only. Our purpose is to find a solution to your problem, rather than to impose additional services upon you. A skilled lawyer will try to give such an advice that may be easily put into practice, not just a “theoretical” one.
  2. Finding the simplest solution. Given the extensive experience and high qualifications of Alva Privacy lawyers, we are in position to find the most cost-effective ways out of legal impasses. A competent legal advice will help finding a simple solution as quickly as possible.
  3. Confidentiality. The attorney-client privilege is the third item on this list, but it is first and paramount among our law firm’s priorities. We assure you that the information received from you will never go beyond the walls of our office.
  4. Moderate price. If the legal assistance is in fact of supreme quality, it always goes at a fee. Anyway, the financial benefit from favorably settled legal disputes is always greater beyond any comparison. In addition, you can go to the link to find more details about the cost of our legal services and the current price of our legal advice.
  5. Urgent help. A legal advice from an attorney may become necessary at any time. Unfortunately, no one is immune to adverse legal consequences. Contact us if you need legal assistance and ask your questions right now.

Alva Privacy Law Firm will help no matter you need a verbal or written legal advice. Resolve your legal issues quickly, easily and inexpensively.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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