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Legal Support of Bankruptcy Proceedings

Business is not always about everything going well. It might be so that you need to apply for termination of your business and liquidation of your company due to financial insolvency. Alternatively, you may need your debtor counterparty to go bankrupt so that you have additional leverage to reclaim your assets and cash.

Legal support of insolvency proceedings

Insolvency and insolvency-related proceedings are rather complicated and necessitate a competent attorney engaged in the practice of commercial law to deploy his or her best skills and expertise.

Alva Privacy offers companies and their managers to avail themselves of its legal services whenever they may have relations with insolvent business entities, by giving legal support to the relevant judicial proceedings. The advantages of collaborating with us are:

  • we employ experienced lawyers and attorneys who are highly skilled and have long-standing experience of handling such legal matters;
  • we treat with utmost confidentiality your cooperation with us, so that you may be confident that no information about the bankruptcy of your company will ever be disclosed to a third party;
  • we protect your interest by providing full support of the procedure and impeccable drafting of all legal documents, so that our lawyers protect your rights and preserve your assets to the maximum extent possible;
  • we minimize property and financial risks you or your company may be exposed to if declared bankrupt;
  • if the case is about bankruptcy of a debtor company, our lawyers will choose relevant legal instruments to recover your funds and assets in the most efficient way;
  • we employ highly qualified experts who will help to minimize expenses you or your company may incur if you face a corporate bankruptcy;
  • we offer affordable fees for our legal services – just another advantage of hiring our law firm;

Thus, when handling insolvency matters, our experts provide their services relying upon their in-depth knowledge of the matter, helping you to resolve all of your problems by following the law in its spirit and letter. It is absolutely no matter whether they want you to go bankrupt or it is you who seek your company to be declare as such, the support our lawyers give will be all the same qualified and skilled. Having our support, you will definitely manage to minimize your expenses, obtain all necessary documents and make everything in order, just like the applicable laws dictate.

Legal services related to bankruptcy: Price

The prices we offer for our legal services are affordable for an organization of any type and scale. No matter what company you have – limited liability company, corporation or any other – we do have experience of working with legal entities of any legal form.

If you succeed in court, you will be able to recover from the opponent (debtor) the sums you paid to ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm as fees for our lawyers’ services, getting, thus, back everything you paid for such services.

Cost of services

To find out what would be the cost of the corporate bankruptcy procedure or clarify any other issues relating to such legal services, you may call at the numbers indicated here and consult our employees.

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