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Price of the agreement drafting service

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm offers its clients a wide range of services for drafting contracts and other contractual documents. We provide our agreement drafting services at affordable prices and of high quality. We offer such services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine both to individuals and to legal entities.

The price depends on many factors. The most important among them are the scope of work done by the expert and complexity and details of the task. In order to have an initial consultation on such work, please call us at the numbers available at our website and our lawyer will let you know the price and timing of such service.

How much does it cost to have an agreement drafted by a lawyer?

Description of the Service Price
Verbal consultation USD 50 (at no cost, upon ordering other services)
Drafting and preparing an agreement (contract) from USD 200
Participating in negotiations with the counterparty for entering into the agreement and coordinating all of its terms Hourly rate, starting from USD 100 per hour
Participating in the process of executing (signing) the agreement Hourly rate, starting from USD 100 per hour

Our firm will draft and analyze reliably and promptly any agreement, bearing in mind all of your needs.

Yours sincerely, Alva Privacy Law Firm.

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