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Drafting agreements

We would need regularly certain agreements to be made in our real life. This could be donation, purchase, lease, supply, loan or other agreements. Moreover, potential investors often need to have agreements drafted and signed for sale and purchase (assignment) of participatory interests, which agreements usually accompany the acquisition, reorganization and state registration of enterprises (legal entities).

Ukrainian laws provide for many agreements (contracts) of various kinds, each having regulation and specifics of its own. Moreover, we are not restricted from entering into agreements not expressly provided for but not prohibited as well by the laws.

It is often the case that many companies, as well as individuals from time to time, ignore such a crucial and responsible step as drafting an agreement. Notwithstanding that this procedure is commonly perceived by many as a formality, one must be careful as much possible here and it is even better to instruct someone with legal education and considerable experience to draft and prepare an agreement. This would have direct bearing on whether any legal issues will arise in future or not. Everybody knows that such issues are better prevented than treated.

Legal fees for agreement drafting services

You may find the legal fees charged by ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm for drafting and preparing agreements in Kyiv by following the link below.

Price of drafting / development of contracts and agreements

Drafting a reliable agreement

We should note that it is not an easy task to draft a reliable agreement, since it requires a commercial lawyer to be extremely attentive and know thoroughly all of the specifics of the applicable laws and to be able to predict and prevent adverse consequences that may arise should the transaction be made and implemented.

An agreement must protect your interests without fail, which protection is only possible if you engage for drafting such agreement the professionals who are well versed in the Ukrainian applicable laws not alone, but are also able to elaborate with precise detail each and every term of the agreement.

ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm (Kyiv) offers you supreme quality services for drafting, analyzing and expert examination of agreements of any complexity. Upon dealing with agreements, our experts address and eliminate any potential risks by scrutinizing all necessary terms and conditions of the agreement and offering real options to resolve disputable terms in the agreement.

We usually draft and analyze various agreements as a part of the legal services provided by ALVA PRIVACY as our legal support subscription package for business.

How our lawyers assist in drafting agreements

A well-versed lawyer usually follows certain sequence of actions. No matter how complicated it may be, an agreement, either typical or individual, should be made by following a standard procedure too. So, the agreement drafting includes:

  • ✅ Initial consultations, i.e., discussing all details and comprehensive information furnished by the client in relation to the transaction.
  • ✅ Determining of what type the agreement should be and agreeing upon essential terms and conditions and parties' rights and obligations, which would be set out in the agreement.
  • ✅ Agreeing upon with the client terms of reference for drafting the agreement. The lawyer's work is usually prepaid at this stage. We usually charge a rather affordable fee for such work.
  • ✅ An expert drafting the agreement.
  • ✅ Once the client has checked the agreement, the client must pay for the full work.
  • ✅ At the final stage of the agreement, the lawyer sends the final draft to the client, either as a hard copy or soft copy, outlining the final corrections.

It is not mandatory to follow all of these steps to draft an agreement. You may just order a service for revising a ready-made agreement or drafting a part in it. Our firm's representatives coordinate all of these details with the client. Moreover, our attorney may also accompany the client during the negotiation and signing of the agreement.

Contracts drafted by counterparties

It often happens so that you need to sign an agreement drafted by your counterparty. More so as the counterparties usually want that terms and conditions of the agreement protect their interests, rather than yours. So, what should you do in such a situation?

You are lucky if you have sufficient knowledge and can analyze the document and decide on your own whether it is worth signing such an agreement or whether it would be better to change some of the terms or to abandon such an agreement. At that time, you will need to be assisted by a qualified specialist in the law of contracts who will examine all aspects of the agreement and promptly suggest options to resolve disputable issues.

Such legal expert will definitely help you to be on the safe side in future. It is much better if you prevent, yet at the stage of drafting the agreement, any potential adverse effects than you address them later on!

The most efficient way is to analyze agreements at this very stage while the agreement is still being drafted, but, if necessary, lawyers of ALVA PRIVACY Law Firm could step in at any stage to resolve any issues involving agreements. Our lawyers will focus on eliminating any potential violations of your rights, as well as any troubles you may face theoretically in future with the agreements.

Yours sincerely, lawyers and attorneys, Alva Privacy Law Firm.

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