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invalidating transaction

Invalidating a transaction

There are lots of situations, both in life and legal practice, when you need certain transaction to be invalidated. This is a kind of legal procedure aimed at protecting rights and interests of a party to the agreement, which is not supposed, for statutory reasons, to give rise to or modify any rights or obligations.

The applicable laws set out an exhaustive list of situations in which an agreement (transaction) may be invalidated:

  • transaction violates legal rules or its contents are clearly contrary to such rules;
  • transaction is made as a result fraud, under pressure or by way of deceit, threats or other manipulations;
  • the person who made the transaction is legally incapable or there were other violations at the time such agreement was made as far as its parties’ legal capacity is concerned;
  • transaction is made in violation of the form of transaction, or otherwise as directly provided by the laws.

Engaging an attorney to invalidate a transaction

As a matter of legal practice, it is mortgage loan, purchase, donation, lease and other agreements that are very often sought to be invalidated.

A tailored legal advice is a key to having the disputed transaction successfully invalidated.

Experienced attorneys from Alva Privacy Law Firm, who have been handling commercial and business matters for many years, deal with the protection of client’s rights and interests in courts of any instances and have a history of successful invalidation of agreements as a whole or their certain parts.

We will help you to recover your property in a lawful manner through a bilateral restitution or, if the matter is too complicated, will do our best to have such property restored to the condition that existed before the agreement was made.

Cost of the service related to the invalidation of transaction

To review the fees we charge for services delivered by our lawyers and attorneys to invalidate a transaction (agreement or its certain clause), please go to the above link.

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