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Marriage Agreement

Marriage agreement (contract)

Many couples choose to sign a marriage contract at the very outset of their married life to avoid many problems in the future. This is an agreement between the parties to set forth key issues relevant to their common life. It is especially so with respect to property-related matters that might arise.

Such a legal arrangement is aimed at governing property relations and determines how the spouses must divide their finances and property if it ultimately comes to a divorce. We should note that, as a matter of the applicable laws of Ukraine, a marriage contract may not be made about personal relations between the spouses and family members.

Who are the parties to this agreement?

Either spouses or persons who wish to enter into an official marriage and filed relevant application may enter into such an agreement. Such an agreement is not available to couples who live in a civil marriage.

If minor persons decided to get married, they must follow the aforementioned legal rules as well; though, in view that they still have no right to sign, it is their parents who must sign the relevant agreement.

How long may a marriage contract be effective and how may it be changed?

If you execute such a contract, it is essential for you to know that, under the laws, the date of such contract and date from which it takes legal effect may be not the same. Moreover, its effective period may be changed, both for the entire document and for its certain clauses.

A marriage contract, for which drafting we do not charge much, is your guarantee!

Such a document must be executed before a notary. You may change or suspend such agreement with consent from both parties only and before a notary as well.

In addition, we recommend you review our article about what a marriage contract may provide and what advantages it confers upon the spouses.

List of documents

signing a marriage contract

You would need the following documents to execute and certify correctly a marriage contract:

  • identification number;
  • passport;
  • certificate stating that you filed an application for registration of marriage or marriage certificate;
  • for minors, there is an additional requirement that the parents must be present.

This list is exhaustive.

Where can you have your marriage contract executed and for what price?

Alva Privacy offers you its legal services in Kyiv for drafting such a document in a high-quality and fast manner. You will be happy to know the price we offer for drafting a marriage contract, which is affordable no matter how rich your family may be.

Certainly, when drafting the document, our lawyer will be attentive to all of the details both parties wish to spell out and will make everything right. Please note that the price you pay for drafting and signing a marriage contract is just the cost of a guarantee that your financial well-being will be protected, especially when it comes to a divorce. In addition, you will have to pay a notary’s fee for execution of such contract before the notary.

Service DescriptionPrice
Verbal consultation on potential conditions and procedure to enter into a marriage contract between the spouses UAH 1000.00
Marriage contract prepared and drafted by a lawyer starting at UAH 4,000.00
Fee for notarization of the agreement before a notary starting at UAH 4,000.00 approximately

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