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сorporate dispute lawyer

Corporate dispute lawyers

It is very difficult to imagine conducting business without legal support. Only due to legal support you can find the best and the most profitable way out of a situation, especially when we speak about corporate disputes.

A сorporate dispute lawyer help to minimize material damage, keep your reputation as a business owner unblemished throughout your business.

What are the types of corporate disputes?

Corporate disputes are a special kind of legal conflicts in the field of authorized share capital, company management.

The most common reason for their occurrence is disagreement about the order of management, decision-making, powers of the governing bodies of the company.

A legal advice for business may also be needed in case of occurring conflict between the company's management and shareholders, participants or founders.

Legal services by Alva Privacy Law Firm

A сorporate dispute lawyers from our law firm can offer you the widest range of services, including the next:

  1. Legal advice during conducting of your business.
  2. Analysis of the functioning of the company's governing bodies, their powers, in accordance with current legislation.
  3. Legal advice in the field of reorganization or creation of business, legal assistance in concluding agreements on the sale or acquisition of business.
  4. Drafting of corporate documentation, including agreements, constituent documents and other.
  5. Conducting background checks of the business before its acquiring, assets, legitimacy of corporate rights.
  6. Participation in negotiations with parties and partners (if it is necessary).
  7. Analysis of the prospects of protection of your interests in court in certain corporate dispute.
  8. Legal advice and assistance in cases of bankruptcy or reorganization of the company as a way to resolve corporate conflicts.

The partners may face different difficulties during conducting of their business. Only сorporate dispute lawyer can help to resolve these disputes. Cooperation with Alva Privacy Law Firm will allow you to get legal advice in any issue of corporate law, check of all documentation, protection of your business from unfriendly actions of other participants or raider capture.

Legal support of your business by experienced attorney in Kyiv will allow you to stay confident in the stability and security of your business. The lawyers and attorneys of Alva Privacy Law Firm know how to turn any situation in your favor without breaking law.

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