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Legal Due Diligence

Legal Audit (Due Diligence)

Legal Audit (Due Diligence) is a comprehensive legal service that provides an independent legal assessment of the object of investment or activity of the enterprise, verification of compliance of all documentation with applicable law.

The result of the legal audit allows the investor (or owner) to feel confident in their object of investment (business), and to identify possible risks in order to prevent them.

The method consists of collecting and analyzing information, taking decisions about entering into certain relationships with counterparties. Due Diligence is also the process of assessing all the risks (including financial and legal) - Wikipedia about Due Diligence.

The main tasks of the legal audit of enterprise - Legal Due Diligence

The primary goal of legal audit is to minimize the potential risks that may arise as a result of:

  • Violation of legislative acts by the enterprise or non-fulfillment of its civil legal obligations.
  • Non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by counterparties, causing damage, the emergence of non-contractual obligations.
  • Violation the established order of business by the company and imposing financial sanctions on it.

The lawyers of Alva Privacy Law Firm can identify all the "weaknesses" of your company, possible risk areas, and offer alternative solutions to your problems.

When is better to order a legal audit?

It is advisable to order a legal audit, when you wish:

  1. to assess the reliability of cooperation with contractors;
  2. to minimize the number of claims from the state;
  3. to sell or buy assets, perhaps even an entire business. In this case Due Diligence of the company allows you to get a complete picture of the object in which you intend to invest. Legal Due Diligence includes analysis of financial condition, compliance of declared assets and liabilities with their real condition, investment and financial risks and other important aspects;
  4. to make a merger, acquisition or start jointly manage common business;
  5. to prepare for verification (audit) to be held by a bank or other financial institution before deciding to grant you a loan;
  6. to guarantee the investor the transparency of your business.

The complexity and cost of legal Due Diligence

Only a lawyer with many years of experience can properly perform this procedure. In this case, it is better not to focus on the cost of services, because unreasonable savings can lead to irreparable consequences.

It does not matter either you own a large business or a small family business, a legal audit will still be a time-consuming task. At the same time, the specialists of Alva Privacy Law Firm more than once coped with even the most difficult tasks. You can find out the cost of legal audit, performed by Alva Privacy Law Firm, through the means of communication listed on our website.

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