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Legal analysis and examination of contracts

The conclusion of contracts is a very difficult and responsible task. Sometimes the other party prepares a draft of this document and submits it for consideration. At this stage, you need an examination of the contract.

It is usually carried out at the stage of concluding the contract and agreeing on its terms, before the process of signing the document. The legal examination of contract must be high-quality in order to find out which of the contract’s items are not beneficial for the client. The complete legal analysis of the contract’s terms is a result of this work.

The cost of legal services in field of the examination of contracts

You can find the tariffs for the services of Alva Privacy Law Firm in field of legal analysis and examination of contracts at the following link.

The cost of the legal analysis of contracts and agreements

Recommendations for legal analysis of contracts

We advise you to listen to our advice before approaching this question:

  1. It is better to include the legal examination of contracts in the package of subscriber legal services for companies that order the analysis of contractual documents constantly. This will be the right decision both in terms of minimizing costs and for the reasons listed below.
  2. The best way to analyze such documents is to entrust it to a lawyer who specializes and has extensive experience in this area of law. For example, the examination of contracts in the field of land relations will be the most effective and complete, if you entrust it to a lawyer, who well acquainted with this area of law.
  3. The work on the draft document should be carried out only by an independent specialist. Only this lawyer can objectively evaluate the document.
  4. In order to accurately exclude all the risks of concluding an agreement, it is necessary to conduct an examination of such agreement. In result of your careless attitude you can get dependent on the other party or contract’s items that infringe your rights. In addition, such an agreement also may be declared invalid by a court.

These are the most important tips that are recommended to follow in case of concluding a contract. Nowadays, it is better to treat from the legal point of view even to well-known partners. Our specialist in field of commercial law can give you a qualified advice and conduct the legal analysis of your contract.

Alva Privacy Law Firm offers you a legal service in the field of analysis of any documents, including contracts, by lawyers who specialize in this activity and have extensive experience in such work.

The main stages of the legal examination of contract

Legal examination of contracts in our firm is carried out in several stages. In the result, the next tasks of contractual work are solved:

  • Verification of details and powers of both parties or their representatives.
  • Analysis of errors in the drafting of the document, as well as the obligations prescribed in the contract.
  • Checking all items of the agreement for their consistency with each other.
  • Analysis of the responsibility of each party.
  • Careful study of the main subject of the agreement, as well as the possibility and conditions of termination of the contract, its legal consequences.
  • Drawing up of the act or the written report for the client with the detailed description of the executed work, results of check, conclusions of the lawyer.

You can order an examination of the contract in our law firm at any convenient time. In addition to direct communication is also possible remote work with our lawyer. Our clients are important to us and we are ready to work on your contracts in any convenient way.

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